get the ULTIMATE VEGAN recipe e-book with 25+ recipes! make VEGANUARY delicious!

Always wanted to make a vegan Mac no Cheese, Teriyaki Cauliflower Wings, a Banana Peel Burger or Vegan Kaiserschmarrn? In here you'll find everything you need!


meet katie & hank

meet Katie!

I am Katie, a food blogger at @feelfoodclub (used to be @uneptcuisiniere). I am that kinda always-on-the-run-doing something optimistic sunshine person that loves to pick up ideas and turn them into projects. With my blog I share my love and passion for food and cooking that has been accompanying me since day one. I am a firm believer that healthy food can be very, very delicious! if you don't believe me - give it a shot! If you want easy to make, incredibly tasty, healthy and fun recipes, feelfoodclub is the place to go to!

meet Hank!

In addition to my tireless passion for discovering foreign countries and new cultures, healthy eating takes up at least as big a part of my life. Not only preparing fresh and health-promoting food, but also the social aspect of cooking and eating together are matters close to my heart. When I cook for my loved ones, I always - without hesitation - prepare cauliflower - each time in a different creative variation. My previous travels have inspired me to become more involved with national and international food culture and the origins of fresh and healthy food. Since then, I've been living by the motto: "The way to a man's heart is clearly through his stomach - and that love is best shared with others."

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Not Just Salad - The Vegan Ebook

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25+ vegan, easy to make recipes that are more than just salad!

No matter whether you want to try something new like a Banana Peel Burger or Pulled Jackfruit Bolognese, or vegeanize some classics and make Vegan Kaiserschmarrn, a Creamy Carbonara and a Vegan Mac no Cheese or make the perfect party snacks with Teriyaki Cauliflower Wings or Loaded Nachos with Homemade Cheese Sauce, you'll find everything you need in this book!

All recipes are vegan, refined sugar free and made from whole foods.